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New England Real Estate Journal Articles
Title Date
The replacement factor impact individual properties 02-11-2011
The new market is defined by 2011, the New Year 01-14-2011
Hope for 2011 appears reasonably well justified 12-10-2010
Valuation counseling and underwriting 11-05-2010
Half empty is half full when it comes to Boston's market 10-08-2010
Moving the money and the market 09-10-2010
Sustainability in commercial real estate 08-13-2010
Metrics for feasibility and investment in today's market 07-09-2010
Everybody sees it differently - Winners and losers 06-11-2010
Market movements are occurring in commercial R.E. 05-14-2010
Finding market patters that are emerging 04-09-2010
Patterns emergin in the local property markets 03-12-2010
Jobs and the budgets and expectations for the market 02-12-2010
Deals and data for 2009 and the forecast for 2010 01-08-2010
Recovery trends prevail: Most indications are positive for 2010 12-11-2009
The Greater Boston Housing Report Card for 2009 11-13-2009
Counseling in valuation requires add. scope of services 10-23-2009
What is around the corner for commercial real estate? 09-11-2009
Anecdotal evidence will provide the commentary 08-14-2009
Go get your share for the summer doldrums 07-17-2009
Auto dealerships are becoming change of use properties 06-12-2009
Federal Open Markets Committee observes a slowing decline 05-08-2009
News given in one week at G 20: Hope and reconciliation 04-10-2009
Pent up demand will support growth in economic recovery 03-13-2009
Plans/predictions for the trillion-dollar stimulus package 02-13-2009
The models don't work - The 2009 stimulus will 01-09-2009
The current market has created opportunities for 2009 12-12-2008
The last half of 2008: Variously forecasted and reforecast 09-12-2008

Special New England Real Estate Journal Resources
Title Date
Consulting during contractions in the industrial markets 2009
President-elect Obama and the recessionary episode 11-14-2008
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